Droog for Rosenthal

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date: 1997

date: 1997

The German porcelain factory Rosenthal approaches Droog to take part in an experimental project to be presented in Milan. This is the first time Droog is commissioned to design products.

The project aims to challenge porcelain’s elegant and smooth image. In it a selection of designers develops various ideas around product use, texture, colour and production itself.

Microwave plates by Arnout Visser

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Extrusion plates by Dick van Hoff

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Porcelain lamp by Dick van Hoff

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Porcelain stool by Hella Jongerius

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High-tech accent teapot by Gijs Bakker

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Knitted Maria coffeepot by Gijs Bakker

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Sponge vase by Marcel Wanders

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Eggshell vase by Marcel Wanders

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Foam bowl by Marcel Wanders

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