Fold & file organizer

by Frans van Liempt

€ 8,95

* € 7,40 outside the EU

Fold these stands, cross out the alphabet or numbers and start organizing your books and cd’s as you like.


Year: 2012
Brand: Droog
Material: paper (set of 30 pcs)
Product Size: 11,2 x 11,2 cm
Package Size: 11.5 x 11.5 x 1 cm
Package Weight: 0.15 kg

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Frans van Liempt

Frans van Liempt (1947) was born in Helmond, the Netherlands. In 1975 he graduated from the Technical University Delft and later, in 1989, from the University of Amsterdam. Both his studies in technical physics and philosophy sharpened his sense of the basic ideas that create our understanding and use of natural phenomena and technical artifacts. To him good design means: the clear exposure of these basic ideas as well as a play with the contingency of products in which these are applied. His findings of the crucial points and folding and cutting lines in a flat square of paper to transform it into a stable spatial corner was recognized by Droog and used in the Fold and file Organizer. With the Fold and file Organizer Frans van Liempt celebrated his debut as a designer.