Pleasure Ground

by Studio Droog

€ 60,00

* € 49,59 outside the EU

price per m2 € 60,00 (minimum 12m2)

Hang a famous art piece from the Rijksmuseum on your wall with this wallpaper. The original wall hanging “Park View with Seated Pair and Resting Hunters” was made by Fransçois Coppens between 1685-1740 in Delft. Studio Droog translated the heavy goblin tapestry into the light wallpaper “Pleasure ground”, that allows you to create an idyllic indoor forest.

1 - 3 weeks (excluding custom designed wallpaper)


Brand: Droog
Material: printed fleece-paper
Product Size: 48,7 cm wide sheets in custom fi t design to suit your room (minimum 12m2)
Package Size: 45 x 20 x 20 cm
Package Weight: 1 kg

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Studio Droog

Founded in 2011 by Renny Ramakers, Studio Droog is an Amsterdam based studio that develops the Droog brand through a range of furniture, accessories and lighting products. The studio uses a carefully selected team of in-house designers, dedicated to designing quality products that change your experience of daily life.

The studio is committed to delivering useful products with a strong identity. We believe that utility does not have to come at the expense of fantasy. Every piece in the studio’s collection begins with a radical re-think of a particular item and the way that it can be used. Each product is unique and tells a story of its own, but all share a strong emphasis on both function and fiction.