by Studio Droog

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This aristocratic chique table piece is the contemporary copy of the Merkelsche Centrepiece from 1549 in the Rijksmuseum. You and 8 others can make this masterpiece the focal point of your table. Each of the nine are unique: you can be the sculptor and lavishly decorate the steel base with magnetic miniatures the way you like it best.

Source: Merkelsche Centrepiece, Wenzel Jamnitzer, 1549; Miniature burnt wine bowl, Frederick of Strant (II), 1740; Miniature fish basket, Abraham Vilelle 1778; Miniature coffee pot, Frederik Sleuman, 1772; Cabinet of silver in Louis XVI style: two doors and three drawers, Hermanus Hill, 1787; Chair with openwork back surmounted by a crest, Jan Bonket, 1779; Silver chair, Michael Maenbeeck, ca 1662 - ca 1666; Handbell of silver, anonymous, ca 1700 - ca 1800; Water jug, anonymous, ca 1770, Miniature, anonymous, ca 1770.


Year: 2013
Brand: Droog
Material: 3d printed nylon miniatures , magnets , steel powder coated base
Product Size: +/- Ø35 x 65 cm
Package Size: 45 x 45 x 90 cm
Package Weight: 8 kg
Edition: 9

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Studio Droog

Studio Droog

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