Do frame tape

by Martí Guixé

€ 9,50

* € 7,85 outside the EU

Use this decorative tape to give an artistic finish to anything you like, any size, any shape, anywhere.


Year: 2000
Brand: Droog
Material: self-adhesive vinyl tape
Product Size: 5 cm, 25 m roll
Package Size: 10 x 10.5 x 5.5 cm
Package Weight: 0.14 kg

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Centraal Museum (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Indianapolis Museum (Indianapolis, USA)

Martí Guixé

Martí Guixé is dedicated to inventing ‘brilliantly simple ideas of a curious seriousness’. He lives both in his native Barcelona and Berlin. Dubbing himself an ‘ex-designer’, he designs for clients such as Alessi, Authentics, Camper, KesselsKramer, Mediamatic and Vitra, and shows non-commercial work at museums such as MoMA, Centre Georges Pompidou, Design Museum London, Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève, National Art Center Tokyo and Museum für angewandte Kunst.

Guixé describes himself as a ‘product designer who hates objects,’ but reconciles his professional role of developing new products because “I need them,” and by focusing on the functionality of his designs, rather than what they look like and the materials they are made from

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