Window drops

by Arnout Visser & Bas van Tol

€ 14,50

* € 11,98 outside the EU

temporarily unavailable

These self-adhesive transparent ‘water drops’ can be stuck on windows and mirrors. They morph the user’s view and create interesting reflections. Window drops can be removed easily to be stuck unto another window.


Year: 2002
Brand: Droog
Material: PVC
Product Size: set of 8 ‘drops’ of various sizes
Package Size: 31 x 22 x 0.5 cm
Package Weight: 0.15 kg

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Arnout Visser & Bas van Tol

The search by Arnout Visser and Bas van Tol for the quality of glass resulted in a window concept of self-adhesive PVC drops. The Window drops have been designed for a project by Droog for Levi’s RED.

Window drops for Levi's RED